How You Can Help Improve the Nation’s Water Infrastructure?

March-26Unfortunately, our nation’s drinking water infrastructure is slowly deteriorating and is reaching the end of its lifeline. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Association of Water Companies, 7 trillion gallons of water per day are wasted due to inefficiencies in our system. The unstable infrastructure has annually over 240,000 water main breaks resulting in a drastic amount of lost water. Unfortunately, repairing our system would be costly and time consuming. It is quoted that in California alone, we will need to fund $39 billion to fix the drinking water infrastructure.

Installing a Rainwater Harvesting System
Although fixing the system is a daunting task faced by our government, there are steps as citizens we can take to help the problem at hand. By switching our main use of water from utility water to rainwater harvesting, we will help take away from the stress the infrastructure is facing. Having a personal rainwater harvesting system installed on your property will provide your home with safe, high-quality drinking water for both residential and personal use.

Why not capitalize on nature’s resources?
Annually, there is an average of 12 inches of rainfall. This means that a standard rainwater system can collect 10,000 gallons of rainfall from a 1,500 ft2 residential roof. The 10,000 gallons of rainwater collected from your single home will benefit you financially due to the drastic decrease in your water bill. In addition, if every home was able to collect 10,000 gallons of fresh water, the stress put on our nation’s drinking water infrastructure will be reduced drastically. Also, collecting rainwater will help reduce stormwater runoff and therefore decrease pollution being dragged into our local freshwater lakes and rivers.

Still considering whether or not a rainwater harvesting system is the right fit for you? Contact Grandiflora Services today and we will walk you through a long list benefits experienced by our current and past clients!

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