Tree Removal in Spring, Texas

Although trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape, sometimes they can become dangerous or unwanted. Trees with large limbs hanging over electrical wiring can be dangerous to your home and their root systems can interfere with foundations, underground pipes, and water lines. Additionally, a diseased tree can become dangerous as it weakens and deteriorates as well as infect other trees in your yard.

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When the time comes for a tree to be taken out, you need to hire a professional that is fully insured and trained to do the job correct. The staff at Grandiflora Services is trained provide you with the tree removal and stump grinding services you need to safely remove these unwanted trees while keeping you and your property safe.

Tree Removal for the Safety of Your Property

The arborists that work for our tree care company love trees and believe they are a great addition to any property; they also understand that certain circumstances do require tree removal services. When it comes to tree removal, our number one concern is for the safety of you, your property, and our staff. With years of experience and many projects completed successfully, we know we can remove any tree from any situation safely and thoroughly.

Having completed projects of all sizes, with trees of varying species, our experienced team is ready and willing to discuss the options that are best suited for your yard and budget. If a tree cannot be taken down safely with a crew member in the tree, we have the equipment and technology necessary to take it down mechanically.

Grind Away Your Unwanted Stumps

For the ultimate finishing touch, our team can provide you with the stump grinding services you need to clean up the landscape and make it look like there was never a tree there to begin with. Tree stumps can be an obstruction in your yard and can cause safety hazards since they are hard to see, have sharp edges, and are often unwanted. In order to reduce these hazards, it is best practice to grind the stump down to below the level of the lawn leaving only the underground roots.

Our stump grinding team works quickly and efficiently in order to get your yard back to its most aesthetically pleasing state as soon as possible. However, many species of trees are protected and cannot be removed unless the proper city or county department has issues a permit. Our team is experienced in working with municipalities to receive these permits and perform the removals to code.

Contact us for more information about how our tree removal and stump grinding services can help you have a safer and healthier yard. Our team provides impressive services to customers living throughout the Spring, Texas, area.