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Tree Safety Tips for Your Commercial Property

There are many things that contribute to the curb appeal of a commercial property, Commercial Tree Care
including trees and other greenery. Maintaining these trees takes a great deal of work and maintenance. A job like this can be complex, and even unsafe, if it’s not done by a professional who understands the risks involved in caring for and removing large trees from commercial properties. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when it comes to commercial tree maintenance.

Be Cautious of Electrical Lines

A huge concern when pruning or removing tree limbs is the presence of power lines around the tree. If a branch becomes loose and hits a power line, it can be extremely dangerous, and actually cause electrocution of the operator. A professional service will know exactly how to handle tree limb removal safely around electrical lines.

Have Plenty of Equipment Experience

The type of equipment used to remove trees and its branches is unlike that which typical homeowners use. They are much more intricate and complex, and require a certain level of experience in order to ensure that they are used properly and safely. Having experience with equipment such as chainsaws and wood chippers is absolutely crucial for safety.

Maintain Awareness throughout the Entire Process

Tree maintenance and removal is a job that requires your full attention during every phase. In order uphold the ultimate in safety, you have to stay alert and aware at all times.

At Grandiflora, we provide our commercial customers with the ultimate in commercial tree services. At all times, the safety of our team members and our clients is always our number one priority.