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Value of Rainwater Catchment Systems

January28-375x1024The ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association) recently published a press release demonstrating their concern for the quality of America’s drinking water. A recent contamination of West Virginia’s water supply demonstrated the vulnerability of America’s water supply and the need for creating safe, decentralized water supplies throughout the country. With this main goal in mind, ARCSA strongly supports rainwater harvesting to help increase the availability of fresh drinking water and help solve energy challenges throughout the country.

Throughout the attached press release, ARCSA describes the benefits of a rainwater harvesting system both for residential and commercial uses. Currently, our water is subject to over 200 potential contaminants. Some of these contaminants may be in such small traces that they go unnoticed by EPA Drinking Water standards. This means, the water you’re currently consuming may be full of a variety of potential contaminants. For this reason and many more, there has been a resurgence in rainwater harvesting popularity.

For more information on the benefits of rainwater harvesting from ARCSA, read the included press release. For information on how to set up your own rainwater harvesting system, contact Grandiflora Services today!

Green Thumb’s Podcast featuring Ed Dolphin

Our very own Ed Dolphin was featured on the Green Thumb Podcast, where he shared his knowledge on trees, selection, and care. Throughout the podcast, Ed and Beverly, the host from The Arbor Gate, discuss proper maintenance of trees and landscape during the winter months. Ed shares with the audience why the winter is the perfect time to promote healthier trees, perform deep root fertilization, and most importantly prune your trees. By pruning your trees in the dead of winter, you’re setting your trees up for a healthy Spring. Proper pruning of your trees calls for the removal of the dead, dying, and diseased limbs, and the limbs with weak attachments.When complete, you are essentially helping the tree store its energy so it can fully blossom in the Spring.

In addition, Ed also shares his knowledge on hiring a tree care professional. Although there are many companies who offer tree care services, it is important when searching for a company you look for one who has proper certifications. When searching, you need to be looking for a tree care provider who is insured, carries worker compensation, or occupational accident insurance. Although accidents are rare, these certifications protect you, the company, and the company’s employees.

To learn more about tree care and maintenance in the winter months, listen to the full podcast linked below featuring Ed from Grandiflora Services!

Green Thumb Podcast Episode 5: Trees with Ed Dolphin