Looking for a Tree Care Provider

Are you looking to have a tree service come onto to your property to do some work? Maybe you have a tree that needs to be removed, maybe a tree that needs to be pruned off of your roof, or for more sunlight to your garden. Did you know that not all services are alike? A lot of companies will advertise as ” insured and bonded “, most consumers don’t realize that the bond part of that slogan is misleading. The average consumer thinks that because that service says that they are bonded it means that if someone or something gets hurt on their property that their interest are covered. However, that is not true. A bond is intended to cover against theft of payment, not cover a man that is in the hospital. Workers compensation and similar alternative called occupational accident insurance, is the only protection that the property owner has. If you hire a company that is “insured and bonded” chances are that they do not carry comp or the alternative. Be sure to ask for certificates of insurance for verification. If the sales rep, or company owner does not offer to have the certificates sent to you from his insurance company, chances are very high that they are not covered, therefore, neither are you. Do your homework before you hire a company, the lowest price does not equal the best value. Ask if there is a Certified Arborist on staff. That is a good sign of a quality company. Ask for the name of the certified arborist and then go to http://www.isa-arbor.com to verify that the person is truly certified. There is a link on the homepage of that site that will do that with a couple of clicks. Do not be afraid to ask for credentials or certificates to verify what somebody is saying is actually true. If he balks at giving them to you, so should you balk at hiring him.

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