What Value Do Trees Bring to the Environment?

View More: http://arkphotography.pass.us/grandiflorashootMost trees are planted to provide shade or for visual appeal. Although these are great reasons for their existence, trees also provide many other benefits. A landscape full of trees tend to bring relaxing vibes, lower our heart rates, and reduce our stress. However, in addition to their plethora of health benefits, trees also better the environment as a whole. For more reasons why you should defend a tree’s standing, read about their environmental benefits:

1. An average tree produces enough oxygen in one year to keep a family of 4 breathing.
Without trees in our environment, the Earth would almost be uninhabitable. Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through a process called photosynthesis. Through photosynthesis, the tree uses the energy from the sun and to combine carbon dioxide and water and produce a sugar. The tree uses the sugar that’s produced as their food. However, in this process the tree also releases extra oxygen from the water particle. This extra oxygen is released into the environment and therefore gives us oxygen we can breathe. So in short, a tree does the exact opposite as humans- trees breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Therefore, trees are our perfect counterpart!

2. Trees provide shelter and food for wildlife such as squirrels, birds, and bugs.
For many species, trees act as a year-round form of shelter, protection, and food. Birds for instance use trees to scan the environment, build nests for their eggs, and source food. Having trees on your property encourages the ecosystem to continue thriving, wildlife to keep producing, and allows natural predators to control unwanted pests.

3. Trees help with water conservation by reducing storm runoff. 
When a storm hits and rain pours down onto a tree’s canopy, a large percentage of the water is caught on a tree’s leaves or absorbed by a tree. When tree’s capture rainwater, the tree allows some of the water to evaporate while the rest of the water is able to slowly filter into the ground. Trees slow down the process of a storm and give the ground time to absorb a storm’s shock. By absorbing some of the storm, trees can reduce as much as 65% of water runoff. Less water runoff means less water rushing into city gutters and as a result, water is cleaner when it reaches a reservoir such as a river or lake.

Trees are not only beneficial for our personal health and property value, but they also help encourage a better quality environment to all of Earth’s species. For these reasons and so many more, plant a new tree on your property today!

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