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Why Should You Hire a Certified Arborist in Spring, Texas?

Texas Tree CareAn arborist is an individual trained in planting, caring for and maintaining individual trees. Becoming an arborist combines the art and science of tree care. An ISA Certification is focused on knowledge of tree care and allows people the opportunity to show their level of commitment to the profession and industry.

Here are a few reasons to hire a certified arborist in Spring, Texas:

  • Appearance – The appearance of a tree is vitally important to the overall aesthetic of a home. Take into consideration the public view a tree has in your front yard. This tree can say a lot about your property, and if uncared, for may reflect badly.
  • Equity – If buyers see a poorly maintained tree it can cause worry of liability. Examples of poorly maintained trees include fallen tree branches, roots growing under the foundation, mold and insect infestation.
  • Cost – When thinking of hiring an arborist, it’s important to consider if a tree will hurt your property over time. This would include issues with mold, or insects that can enter your home. Taking a very costly chance can cause damage to your home, or even to a neighboring home.

All of these issues can cause a serious loss in equity that you could have used to add to your property. Consider hiring a certified arborist in Spring, Texas for all of your individual tree needs.

The Benefits of Having Trees on Your Property

Tree_careTrees are an extremely important part of our lives, as they offer a level of natural beauty and safety. Somehow we feel connected to them on a deeper level. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, there’s something inherently peaceful about trees, which is why they play such an integral part to our surroundings.

Here are some benefits to having trees on your home property.

Curb Appeal – There’s something naturally beautiful about trees, especially as they mature. Adding trees to your front property can boost your home’s visual appearance, and therefore improve its curb appeal. Not only do trees act as an aesthetic feature, they also help boost your property’s curb appeal, which is especially important if you ever plan to list your home for sale and attract buyers.

Shade and Sun – Deciduous trees, which lose their leaves every autumn, are the perfect type of tree to provide ample shade in the summer, while allowing sunlight exposure in the winter after all the leaves have fallen. Plant trees are in the southern and western areas of the property to boost sunlight blocking.

Privacy and Noise Reduction – Mature trees offer homeowners a certain amount of privacy from their surroundings. This is especially true if your home features evergreens which never lose their needles and retain their fullness year round. These trees are also great at naturally drowning out sounds. Things are a lot more peaceful at home with various mature trees surrounding your property.

If you’re looking for a professional tree service in Spring, Texas to help tend to your priceless trees, visit today!

Do You Really Have to Remove That Tree Stump?

After cutting down a tree, there will be the inevitable stump left behind. Whether or not you decide to remove it comes down to a few factors.

Esthetic Reasons – If the stump is simply unsightly for you, then by all means, have it removed. You should probably consider removing it if it’s also in the way of planting a new flower bed or tree, or if it’s a safety hazard. If it’s a nuisance to have to maneuver around when mowing the lawn, this may also be another reason to remove the stump. 

Safety Reasons – If there is decay in the stump it will invite unwanted pests, so you may want to start thinking about getting rid of it. However, these aren’t emergency scenarios that require immediate stump removal.

Another not-so-obvious reason to have the stump removed is if the roots are extending a lot further than you initially thought. This could disrupt the growth of new flowers and bushes you may have planted nearby the stump, but more importantly it could be impacting your home’s foundation or other structures.

When to Leave the Stump Alone – If underground utilities or foundation walls are too close to the stump, it’s too hazardous to try to grind up the stump or remove it yourself. You might also want to leave it alone if there are too many rocks nearby, which will increase the danger of flying debris during the grinding process.

An ISA-certified arborist can help you decide if the tree stump needs to be removed.

Tree Safety Tips for Your Commercial Property

There are many things that contribute to the curb appeal of a commercial property, Commercial Tree Care
including trees and other greenery. Maintaining these trees takes a great deal of work and maintenance. A job like this can be complex, and even unsafe, if it’s not done by a professional who understands the risks involved in caring for and removing large trees from commercial properties. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when it comes to commercial tree maintenance.

Be Cautious of Electrical Lines

A huge concern when pruning or removing tree limbs is the presence of power lines around the tree. If a branch becomes loose and hits a power line, it can be extremely dangerous, and actually cause electrocution of the operator. A professional service will know exactly how to handle tree limb removal safely around electrical lines.

Have Plenty of Equipment Experience

The type of equipment used to remove trees and its branches is unlike that which typical homeowners use. They are much more intricate and complex, and require a certain level of experience in order to ensure that they are used properly and safely. Having experience with equipment such as chainsaws and wood chippers is absolutely crucial for safety.

Maintain Awareness throughout the Entire Process

Tree maintenance and removal is a job that requires your full attention during every phase. In order uphold the ultimate in safety, you have to stay alert and aware at all times.

At Grandiflora, we provide our commercial customers with the ultimate in commercial tree services. At all times, the safety of our team members and our clients is always our number one priority.