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Rainwater Harvesting- What a Great Idea

august6The time is coming in southeast Texas that the need for and the use of rainwater harvesting is going to be huge. The Texas Agrilife Extension Service,, a division of the Texas A&M system, has really endorsed this as a well needed fixture in the life of Texans. The system that is installed does not have to be expensive or fancy, a simple rain barrel is a great beginning. You will find that your plants love the water and its quality far more than “city water”. Most of the water that comes from a tap has been purified to the point for human consumption that there is very little nutritional value for plants. For a more extensive system, my recommendation is to hire a qualified professional to design and install it for you. ARCSA, the American Rainwater Catchment System Association,, certifies professionals to do the bigger and more expensive systems. You can go onto their website to find a certified professional in your area.