Arborist Guide to Tree House Building

Cute small tree house for kids on backyard.With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to enjoy Texas’ beautiful weather and spend time outside! Whether you’re looking to barbecue, lay around the pool or cozy up next to a bonfire, the Texas sun creates the perfect atmosphere for almost any occasion. However, taking advantage of our beautiful weather can be made that much easier with a custom tree house from Grandiflora Services! Whether you’re looking for a tree house as an escape from the busy household or the setting for your children’s imagination to run wild, our certified arborists can help you create the perfect blueprint for your own tree house! Here at Grandiflora Services, whenever we build a treehouse we take into strong consideration the tree itself, the sustainability of the surrounding landscape, and the impact of the tree’s health. Here are some things our arborists always consider before starting a tree house build:

The Tree’s Health

When building a treehouse, the healthier and stronger the tree the better. However, an unhealthy tree shouldn’t be automatically disqualified. If a tree suffers from a small disease presence, it can still be built upon, however it’s important to have an arborist assess it beforehand. Because trees only have a limited amount of energy, you want to make sure the tree has enough to handle the structure being built on top of it. Other factors to consider when assessing the tree’s health include age, condition, and the surrounding environment.

Type of Wood

In order to properly construct a tree house, using bolts, screws and other hardware is essential. Because these are made out of metal they don’t typically bend or move normally. However, if the tree’s composition isn’t strong enough the tree could start sinking or will start getting crushed. For this reason, a tree with stronger wood like oak, walnut or cherry is better for support. Trees with weaker or more malleable wood include pine, cedar or redwood. If you would like to build on a tree with more malleable wood, it can be done however it’s best to construct a lighter tree house frame.

Receive a Professional Arborist Opinion

Once you’ve chosen which tree you want to build on and constructed the perfect tree house design, its best to consult a certified arborist for an opinion. A certified arborist can look into the current health of the tree, identify any potential problems and properly assess the tree’s strength. With a certified arborist’s opinion and approval, you’ll be ready to build with confidence!

To get a thorough evaluation of your tree or discuss tree house design and the best methods, contract Grandiflora Services today. Our knowledgeable arborists and tree experts look forward to helping you!


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